Small office for rent in Dong Nai

18-02-2021 03:53

KUMBU Limited Company for renting small office in Dong Nai. Businesses wishing to rent offices, please contact the hotline 0908 511 291

small office for rent

Small office for rent in Dong Nai

Increasing demand for renting office and development of service environment. Many office rental companies were founded. To know more about this issue, Kumbu will prefer to the following article.

Welcome to KUMBU Limited Company

Kumbu is the best choice and perfect workspace if you want to find small office for rent

  • Address: Số 1559/13/11 Phạm Văn Thuận, KP3, P.Thống Nhất, Biên Hòa Đồng Nai
  • Hotline: 0938 677 714 – 0908 511 291
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Rent small office in Dong Nai

Company have many services for renting business space

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  • Office for lease in Dong Nai
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Why should you choose KUMBU Limited Company?

Private Office Rental

  • Furnished with modern workstations and chairs, and loads of natural light
  • It provides a great small office feel. Small office for rent included hardwired Internet, WiFi, electricity, cleaning services

small office for lease

Small office for rent was located conviniently

  • There is adequate light, the landscape is airy and beautiful. Located on the roads convenient for moving
  • Office also have parking garage

Good security

  • Security in small office for lease of the business is guaranteed absolutely. Because the buildings of Kumbu office always have a security team 24/24, office will be ensured the safety and property.


  • Price is a very important factor when you look for offices to rent. Coming to Kumbu company, there will be many office rental service package with different prices and it is suitable for each business.
  • In addition, our company always has incentive programs for businesses to optimize office rental costs of businesses.

Legal guarantee

  • Kumbu with many years in the field of leasing always ensure high legal status for businesses when coming small offfice for rent


Head office: 1559/13/11 Pham Van Thuan Street, Quarter 3rd, Thong Nhat Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam

Hotline: 0938 677 7140908 511 291