Small factory for rent in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

04-11-2020 08:35

In the present day, small workshop to rent are becoming the trend of investors. This brings a lot of positive impacts on enterprises. Let’s find out the reasons why enterprises should select small workshops to rent for operation.

Comparing between large and small factories to rent, each type of workshop has different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the using purpose, enterprises can select the appropriate area. Investors may wonder between a small workshop or a large workshop for operation. So what are factors that can help enterprises decide to select a small workshop?

What motivates enterprises to select a small workshop to rent?

1. Flexible workspace in a small workshop to rent

A standard workspace often includes production space and warehouse. The warehouse space is used for storing and distributing products. Production space is used for producing and packaging products. The biggest problem is how to combine the two spaces into one and operate effectively. Therefore, many enterprises decide to rent many side-by-side small factories to have clear area division…


2. Saving cost by using a small workshop to rent

Every enterprise has to spend a lot of time approaching the market. Moreover, after a period of time of operation, if enterprises want to change the production structure or narrow their production, they will encounter many troubles. Firstly, the workshop space will be redundant when not fully utilized. Secondly, enterprises must spend time searching for other partners to rent that space to avoid wastage. Therefore, new enterprises should only invest in small workshops to have time to study and balance production. Given that some production business models do not need large areas, enterprises should consider carefully. Selecting a small factory to rent to save a lot of costs is also an advantage.

3. Suitable for many enterprises using a small workshop to rent

The amount of investment to own or rent large-sized factories is not modest at all. To be able to do this, enterprises must mobilize and use their cash flow in a reasonable way, especially for small enterprises with limited capital. Therefore, it will be safe to start and approach most of the business models.

4. Creating optimal workshop architecture using small workshops to rent

Construction of a large size and efficient workshop architecture requires high qualified staff. Thus, enterprises must spend a lot of money on the design. However, in some cases, after a period of time, the model becomes unsuitable, so the enterprises will have to spend more rebuilding. Therefore, when selecting small workshop to rent enterprises can easily expand the size of factories according to the development of the enterprises.

Should enterprises build new factory or choose small workshop to rent?

Small workshop to rent has become the current trend

Renting factories is especially beneficial for multinational corporations. In each country, enterprises can rent one or more factories for production. And the workshop system will be connected together via the Internet. Thus, it can help both to save costs and quickly implement the production.


Besides, a small workshop to rent also helps enterprises to change the production size easily. Enterprises just need to contact and look for another suitable area to rent for production. In addition, investors have a lot of time to thoroughly study the market. Then, the enterprises will make the planning orientation and develop the production size. Thus, it is the most optimal solution for enterprises.

The quality of partners providing small workshop to rent has been increasing

With the fluctuation of the real estate market, the solution to rent factories is the most preferred by enterprises. There are now many partners providing small workshop to rent throughout the country. These partners keep improving and increasing the quality of serviced workshops, with some following characteristics:

– External transport system is convenient for delivery and transhipment of goods.

– The systems of lighting, electricity, water, fire protection and firefighting of all factories are fully installed.

– Comprehensive included supporting services such as legal support, initial administrative procedures, forklift renting,…

small workshop to rent Kum Bu

Small workshop in Kum Bu is fully-equipped with many utilities

Small workshop from 250m2 for rent offered by Kum Bu – A chain of ready serviced factory with full supporting service in Vietnam

The system of quality factory for lease at Kum Bu is strongly preferred by many companies. Here are some values and benefits that the business will receive when renting a workshop at Kum Bu

  • Strategic locations: Bien Hoa, harbors, airport,
  • Optimal architecture: Variety scales from 250m2 to 80,000m2 with clear views and modern canopy system
  • Infrastructure system and utilities of Factory Zones are all synchronized: clean, green area, water system, three-faces electricity power, canteen and 24/7 security
  • Ecosystem provides more than 50 services
  • Our staffs can assist in all languages
  • Easy in – Easy out: fast operation, can liquidate before the end of the contract, without losing the deposit.

As a business owner, you should understand all the important and essential requirements of a industrial space for rent for rent. We hope with the given information above, you will have a better understanding to select the most optimal option for your business. Let’s contact Kum Bu for more consultancy. 0908 511 291


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